Rozdolne Agricomplex

Rozdolne — growing crops and land reclamation
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Rozdolne is an agricultural complex of 2,000 hectares on the Black Sea coast.

Rozdolne has a rich history: founded in 1900, it contains a port for small cargo and fishing vessels, a brewery, a sprawling vineyard and a winery, and local fishermen have found refuge in the warm estuary.

  • Growing of grain and oilseeds
  • Growing medicinal plants and niche crops
  • Growing grapes
  • Orchards and fruit production
  • Tourism and resort
Rozdolne today

Rozdolne is a fertile field, planted with crops, vineyards and orchards. The port and the winery open opportunities for the creation of additional full-fledged layers of business on the territory: Ukrainian champagne and maritime logistics. Also on the Kherson chernozem grow medicinal plants and unique herbs — amaranth, spelt, milk thistle and more. The latter are in active demand from foreign customers.

Saturated rays of the Kherson sun abundantly nourish domestic plants. But without proper irrigation, the crop may be on the verge of drought.

High-quality moist soil is a guarantee of rich harvests of sunflower, grain, fruit and berry crops, legumes, nightshade, etc.

Divided, as a caring production, open to the use of modern irrigation systems such as circular frigate. Today the agrocomplex plans to introduce drones for irrigation and crop processing. Technically calculated amount of water and targeted use of fertilizer solution create conditions for optimal moisture and pesticide balance.

You can see Rozdolne behind the scenes here

Thanks to a progressive approach to farming, Rozdolne is a member of the club of "green" enterprises:

The amount of water, calculated exactly for the field area and plant parameters, prevents excessive use of water and saves water resources of Ukraine;

Drip irrigation with drugs with minimal toxicity, used in accordance with the recommendations of EFSA, prevents pesticide poisoning of soil, groundwater and the end user;

The use of the latest technical tools of crop processing minimizes crop losses and creates conditions for increasing the volume of gross product;

The ecologically clean zone, in which Rozdolne is located, gives birth to an ecologically clean product, which is exported all over the world.


So we can see that Rozdolne includes 3 of the 4 golden sectors of agriculture: bread growing, horticulture and viticulture.

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