Growing of cereals, oilseeds and vegetable

Almost 2,000 hectares of fields for vegetables, melons, berries, and nightshade are what the investor needs and what Rozdolne offers.
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Agricultural goods account for the lion's share of Ukraine's imports

The sunny climate, the land moistened by the sea, natural ecological fertilizers in Rozdolne's farm make him a powerful participant in the vegetable, grain and oil markets. Tomatoes, watermelons, different varieties of pumpkins and eggplants, sweet peppers, melons and, of course, Ukrainian potatoes and a variety of greens are especially rich.

Rozdolne has the port of Horly, which opens up opportunities for international logistics. Interesting fact: this amazing port was built in 1900 with the founding of the farm Rozdolne noblewoman and entrepreneur Sophia von Falz-Fein. And since then, the port on the water, which does not freeze even in winter, serves its purpose. The owners of Rozdolne are planning a major reconstruction and expansion of the port to bring it to the level of state importance. With the involvement of foreign investors, it is planned to modernize the piers, create grain terminals and elevators with access to the sea.


Fields of Rozdolne agricultural complex

Ukraine, as a grain country, has a rich base of seed enterprises. That is why Rozdolne LLC buys exclusively Ukrainian seeds for its fields.

Almost 2,000 hectares of wheat and oilseeds stretch along the muddy shore of the sea. The sun will promote a healthy ear of corn.

 For plowing and care of grain crops Rozdolne uses only modern equipment and environmentally friendly fertilizers that do not leave toxic traces in the soil. Innovations in the form of drip irrigation systems and drone care will increase yields by 2-2,5 times. Thus, the profitability of the grain field under the condition of comprehensive care reaches $900 per hectare and will increase due to state programs to support farmers.

Oilseeds also bring good harvests and profits. Rozdolne is engaged not only in its own cultivation of oilseeds, but also in working with toll raw materials. The customer transfers the grain of the crop for cultivation, harvesting and further processing to cold-pressed oil. Currently, about 55 hectares are planted with sunflowers and flax of special selection. Profitability reaches $2,500 per hectare and the figure will continue to grow.

Partnership on the terms of toll raw materials is possible not only for oilseeds: Rozdolne deer are suitable for growing any plant product.



If you are interested in investing in agribusiness, renting land for growing crops, processing agricultural products and delivery around the world — Rozdolne is ideal for you. Successful location of Rozdolne, rich yields, access to the sea, high sales margins are the key to the reliability of your investments and the development of your agribusiness.

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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