Growing grapes

Rozdolne's vineyards date back to the founding of the winery by Sofia von Falz-Fein in the XIX century
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The south of Ukraine is famous for its vineyards, because it is a naturally created shangril for growing and pouring grapes

A large area of ​​Rozdolne is planted with various types of grapes, suitable both for consumption from vines and for the creation of various wines. For more than two centuries, Rozdolne has been growing grapes based on the experience of its predecessors, the advice of breeders and its own observations of the culture. Craft wineries for private use deserves special attention.

Rozdolne grows such sun-thirsty and juicy grape varieties as large-fruited Raisin, White, Lady's Finger, Sofia, Barbera and Aligote table varieties, as well as such rare varieties as Bukovynka, Ruby Holodryhy and Livadia Black.

Grape processing production

Unfortunately, the grapes are very dependent on weather conditions, and in the event of freezing, the entire vineyard may die. Special methods of breeding and grafting techniques, foliar fertilization with organic fertilizers and, of course, the warm sunny climate of Kherson contribute to the rich harvest of vineyards in Rozdolne. Special methods of drip irrigation are involved in the fields of the agricultural enterprise to maintain the ideal water-alkaline balance of soil and roots. The peculiarity of the growth conditions of Rozdolne's plants is that the morning sea steam disperses not only over the waves, but also over the vineyards. Thus, a warm mist irrigates the stems, providing additional nourishing moisture.

The average yield of grapes is about 56 quintals of fresh produce per hectare. The wholesale price of ordinary table grapes is $1,000-2,500 per ton. Rozdolne's grape processing production includes a process line for processing grapes into wine material. Technologists are zealous in processing grapes according to their variety and compatibility with other types of berries.


These grape varieties are chosen for a reason, because they are in demand for foreign investors and domestic winemakers. Separately for each grape variety we have developed our own vinification technology, and at the end we have an extensive list of dry wines, sweet and semi-sweet reds, fragrant white wines such as Furmint and even authentic Ukrainian sparkling wine.
The presence of the port provides prompt delivery of ecologically clean grapes in Ukraine and wine material abroad.

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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