Orchards and fruit production

Rozdolne apple and orchard gardens
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Today, Ukraine is not only the breadbasket of the world, but also fruit

For example, in 2020, 175,500 tons of pears and 117,000 tons of apples were exported. By the way, Kherson apples.
The high level of fruit imports is due to the favorable Ukrainian horticultural climate, as well as the favorable location of the country in the heart of Europe for international logistics.


Growing apples and peaches in Rozdolne orchards

Apple and peach orchards are located on the huge territory of Razdolne agro-farm.

As with most sweet varieties of apples and peaches, Rozdolne's fruit needs a lot of solar heat. And they get it in full. A large area of ​​the farm attracts a large number of bees, which increases the level of fertilization of fruit blossoms and, consequently, the harvest.

In 2020, 500 hectares of Rozdolne orchard yielded 11 tons of fruit at a price of $0,57 per 1 kg of apples and $0,75 per kg of peaches. The average yield varies in this range and depends on temperature, soil moisture, method of cultivation and care of the garden. In addition to growing a garden, Rozdolne offers processing of ecologically clean fruits into fruit products: juice, fruit chips, sale of fruits for cattle, and compote mixtures. There are also warehouses for fruit storage on the territory of Rozdolne and opportunities for their delivery not only to Ukraine, but also all over the world.


The vast majority of Rozdolne's customers focus on fruits of 1 and 2 varieties, and the company fully meets the demand. Every year new seedlings are planted and various types of selection and grafting of fruiting branches are tested.

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