Growing medicinal and niche crops

Growing toll raw materials
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Growing liters has long been a very labor-intensive process

First, it is due to the demanding structure of the plant itself. Without enough sun, in insufficiently loose and moist roots to grow, the plant simply will not be able to grow, producing nutrients to grow to save for subsequent harvests. Secondly, medicinal herbs are exclusively a niche crop and without the presence of a customer base to build a pharmaceutical business will not work.


Medicinal and niche cultures from Rozdolne fields

Today the agricultural enterprise is engaged in planting and processing of such crops as flax, milk thistle, amaranth, mustard, spelt. The potential of favorable location of Kherson fields allows to expand the range of niche plants growing here.

Rozdolne uses specially selected seeds. This allows you to get a harvest that not only satisfies the domestic market, but also covers the export demands of other countries.

Rozdolne works not only as a direct supplier of medicinal and niche plants, but also as a processor of toll raw materials into the final product. One of the company's foreign clients provides thistle seed material for 55 hectares of land, and at the end of the season takes away the thistle grown, harvested and processed into cold-pressed oil. At the end we get a unique and high quality product. The profitability of the business of growing niche plants in favorable areas of Rozdolne can reach $3,700 per hectare, and medicinal — $2,500.


The undisputed bonus of this business is its high profitability. The income from the circulation of medicinal / niche plants exceeds even the income from the sale of the most popular agricultural product of Ukraine — grain.
And here you will find a useful Rozdolne agricultural complex.

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