TTRADE - design of industrial facilities, plants and factories
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The leader of the industrial construction industry in Ukraine is undoubtedly TTrade

The general construction company TTrade entered the market in 2012 in Eastern Ukraine and has since grown throughout the country. TTrade's main focus is on turnkey, energy-efficient industrial facilities.

Why TTrade?
  • Use of refractory and environmentally friendly materials;
  • Own park of construction equipment;
  • Installation of 500-800 m² of panels/change;
  • Preliminary development of 3D-visualization of the object;
  • Providing an estimate with fixed prices before construction begins;
  • 10 years of experience and a strong reputation;
    Warranty for work — 10 years.

What is Industrial Design?

To many who do not work in a building design company or aren’t part of the architecture industry, they do not give a second glance at industrial buildings.

However, this is a style growing in popularity, now constructed purely out of positive purpose. Furthermore, while this design would usually disregard design elements, it is its brashness and bold blandness that makes industrial architecture a very interesting style to adopt for many.

Industrial architecture is the minimalist style of surface décor, industrial materials, polished surfaces, clean lines, flat roofs, and the like. It is embraced by people who want to live in the busy city rather than the suburbs. A lot of individuals are attracted to industrial designs because of the use of green materials and modern touches, being both fashionable and significant in today’s times. You can admire the magic of creating an industrial facility from TTrade here

Stages of working with TTrade

Design of BIM-model

Earthworks and the base

Assembling of metal structures, installation of panels and roofs

For businesses wondering about the uses of a drone in Ukraine, here are services that drones can perform for you with safety and efficiency, depending on the industry you're working in:

About Modern Industrial Design

As art combined with the architecture industry during the late 1800s, architects began going beyond the boundaries of building designs. In fact, modernism during the early 20th century was created from industrial architecture!

Many prominent modernists started following the motto, ‘form follow function,’ through integrating industrial buildings’ necessities with minimalist decorations that match modern styles. This design will continue leading the industrial design for the next few decades, being implemented with various architectural styles as well.

Because of its popularity and functionality, industrial architecture dominated the architecture industry in the 1900s.

Innovative Industrial Design

Besides buildings, industrial architecture is also implemented in residential housings! Such designs and spaces can be transformed with industrial themes for cost-effectiveness.

For instance, you can incorporate open space in private residential homes or dividers in large industrial spaces. Another option is Green Housing, an industrial architecture that has many benefits for both residents or building owners and the environment.

Wrapping It Up

Industrial architecture is one of the ever-evolving fields combining functionality and design, revealing impressive construction that is admired and recognized by many of us today. If you plan to design a building or looking for a construction company, feel free to contact our partner TTRADE.

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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