Flat roof drainage design

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Traditional roofs are angled for a reason, as it allows accumulated precipitation to slide off your house with ease. However, with flat roofs becoming more in demand with their modern aesthetics, conventional drainage systems are obsolete. Below are the most sought-after flat roof drainage designs that can solve your problem.

Kinds of Flat Roof Design and Drainage


The first on our list is scuppers, which are an affordable solution that is also hidden and inconspicuous. All you will see is a spout jutting out from the side of the edifice. They are usually constructed of metal and are very hardy.

Scuppers can prevent clogging since they are usually wider and they also help you avoid buildup. Since they are low-key designs, they can even increase the appeal of your construction.


Gutters are arguably the most elementary design for angled and flat roof drainage. They are the easiest to install and do not require a design overhaul, plus they are very cheap. However, the upkeep over time can be a bit of a headache because they clog more easily, and are not completely weatherproof.

Internal Drains

Usually seen in commercial structures, internal drains are built inside the construction to keep the water away from essential areas to minimize potential damage. They are kept away from the elements, which means they are durable, but they can run up the price. One more thing to be aware of is that long-term care is tricky and would require a professional.

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