10.000 Modern Fighters to the Ukrainian Army

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, October 13, 2022
10.000 Modern Fighters to the Ukrainian Army

The UK has completed a military training program for the second group of Ukrainian defenders

The United Kingdom and some European Union countries reacted to Putin's order to bring troops into a neighbouring country, so they created a training program for Ukraine. On October 12, 10.000 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine completed their training under a program initiated by the UK. This is already the second group of members of the Ukrainian armed forces which have been trained in modern combat strategies since the summer's beginning. All fighters return to their homeland to reinforce existing positions and help colleagues remove the enemy from our territories.

Let us recall that the United Kingdom trained to combat in the city and the forests. Ukrainian soldiers also studied the features of the weapons delivered to Ukraine. The program was expanded after the end of the first group of defenders. However, the third group will soon return to their country.

The minister of defence Oleksii Reznikov noted that soldiers return to Ukraine not only with knowledge but also with equipment, first-aid kits, and flak jackets.

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