100 Days of Ukrainian Land Market Work

by Vladyslava Zhabrovets
Wednesday, October 13, 2021
100 Days of Ukrainian Land Market Work

70 thousand hectares are sold, the land price is rising

Over the period of operation of the agricultural land market in Ukraine, 28 thousand transactions of purchase and sale of land plots were carried out in relation to 70 thousand ha. The price reached close to almost $1.670/ha.

Such results of the land market for 100 days were announced by the minister of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine Roman Leshchenko, as reported by the Ministry of agrarian policy.

“If we take the total number of all transactions on agricultural lands, then the average cost per 1 hectare as of October 9 is $1.663. However, in order to present detailed analytics, we have differentiated the average cost per hectare for commercial agricultural production and personal farming. In the first case, the cost is $1.213, in the second — $1.251,” he said.

The minister added that the price higher than $1.516 was predictable and the market pricing process is taking place according to plan.

“Of course, the indicators vary depending on the region. Say, in the Kyiv region the average price was $9.100 / ha. This land is not used for agricultural purposes. This is absolutely normal because the city of Kyiv and the surrounding territories are decisive in the formation of the value of land not for agricultural purposes,” explained Roman Leshchenko.

He added that, in general, the cost of land is higher than the weighted average monetary value of land in Ukraine.

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