$100 Mln to Ukraine From Japan

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, July 1, 2022
$100 Mln to Ukraine From Japan

Japanese prime minister announces funds for humanitarian aid to Ukraine

According to Japan Today, during the G7 summit, Fumio Kishida announced the provision of 100 million to help Ukrainians. The tranche will be allocated for purchasing medical equipment and constructing modular homes for internally displaced persons and those whose houses were destroyed by the war.

A separate category of assistance is the construction of grain storage facilities. Russia, aimed at creating world hunger, not only steals grain from Ukraine but also destroys granaries throughout our country. In order to secure the Ukrainian harvest and prevent a worldwide famine, Ukrainian grain will be stored in new elevators, the location of which will not be known to Russia.

We remind you that Russia has already stolen more than 400.000 tons of grain from Ukraine, and another 90.000 tons remain blocked. We remind you that Greece is ready to provide its ships to export this grain from the ports of Ukraine.

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