Greece to Provide Ships for Export of Blocked Ukrainian Grain

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, June 30, 2022
Greece to Provide Ships for Export of Blocked Ukrainian Grain

The UK is ready to ensure the security of the corridors for the export of grain from the Russian trap on the territory of Ukraine from the air

After the second day of the NATO summit in Madrid, Jens Stoltenberg held a short press conference. The secretary-general announced the readiness of Greece to provide its ships for the export of those millions of tons of grain that were deliberately blocked by the Russian army in the ports of Ukraine.

"Turkey is trying to mediate agreements. Greece has said it is ready to provide ships to take grain out of Ukraine. Other allies are involved in various diplomatic efforts to reach an agreement that will allow food ships to leave the Black Sea. Also, Lithuania, Romania, and others countries are making efforts to use ground capabilities and transport food over land with the help of the railway," Jens Stoltenberg.

Stoltenberg again stressed that this artificial famine is Putin's whim and manipulation and must be stopped immediately.

"It is important that the allies meet, discuss and exchange views on the efforts they are making to get more grain out of Ukraine. It is also important to convey the opposite message to what president Putin and China are telling the world through their disinformation campaigns. The reason for the food crisis is not NATO sanctions but president Putin's war. The best solution to end this crisis is to end the war. And president Putin can end the war tomorrow by withdrawing his troops," NATO secretary-general.

Also, the British minister of defense Ben Wallace said that the defense department of his state is ready to provide aircraft to ensure the protection of ships that will "evacuate" Ukrainian grain from Ukraine to the tables of end consumers by sea.

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