The 1st Export in Bypass of the Russian Blockade

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, June 13, 2022
The 1st Export in Bypass of the Russian Blockade

On June 13, the first ship of 18.000 corn arrived in Spain by a new route across the Baltic Sea

Due to the blockade of Ukrainian ports by the Russian Navy, more than 90 million tons of grain remained blocked in Ukraine. Gradually, world hunger began to approach. To avoid the food crisis, it was decided to export food for humans and animals through Poland, Romania, and Latvia.

On June 13, the 1st ship entered the port of Spain, delivering 18.000 tons from Ukraine to Spain via a port in Poland. The Finnish cargo ship Alppila, bypassing the Russian blockade, pioneered еру new route: corn was exported by truck from western Ukraine to Poland and then loaded onto a ship at the Baltic port of Świnoujście

"This is the 1st batch of Ukrainian grain to reach northwestern Spain by sea, using the new sea route opened in the Baltic sea to avoid a Russian naval blockade of Ukraine's Black sea ports since the start of the war," the grain recipient, company Agafac. 

Bruno Bida, chairman of Agafac, said that the total amount of corn he needed for the plant was 1 million. 40% of this million is a product from Ukraine.

"It's only a small amount of corn, but it restores the ability to import everything possible from Ukraine," said Bruno Bida.

The event is significant as this logistical supply will be the basis for further food supplies from Ukraine to the world. According to CNN, the unloading of Alppila will occur tomorrow, June 14.

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