Satellite Proved the Russian Theft of Ukrainian Grain

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Satellite Proved the Russian Theft of Ukrainian Grain

"Maxar Technologies" has recorded and provided evidence that the Russians are robbing Ukrainian ships with grain and taking the stolen food to Russia

The whole world has already talked about the food crisis. People are preparing for a real hunger strike and are stockpiling food because of the actions of Russia in Ukraine. At this time, Russia continues to put mines in the fields, breaking the schedule of grain crops. Russia continues to steal from Ukraine because it is unable to grow anything on its own for export and enter the international market with something other than long-found fuel sources.

The American aerospace company Maxar Technologies from the first days of the war, helps to record large-scale crimes of the Russian Federation. On May 24, information about new satellite images appeared. They were made over the coast of the occupied sea. Satellite imagery captured Russian ships. Maxar Technologies published the process of loading grain onto Russian vessels. The action took place in occupied Sevastopol. Note that Sevastopol is on the peninsula of Crimea — it is impossible to grow such a quantity of grain.

In the pictures, the ships Sailor Posinich and Sailor Cat were identified. They were located near the underground storage. From silos came bands for loading. The ribbons were filled with grain that was buried in the hold of 2 ships. Now both ships have sailed from the port in Sevastopol. Site tracking MarineTraffic ships said that it provided information that Sailor Posinich is heading to the capital of Lebanon. Sailor Cat sails in the Black Sea.

We remind you that Maxar Technologies provided irrefutable evidence that it is the Russian invaders committed the Bucha massacre, and not the Ukrainian army (as Russia falsely told).

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