13th Ramstein. Results

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, June 16, 2023
13th Ramstein. Results

Ukraine Defence Contact Group: more "Leopards", more artillery, more air defence, more armoured vehicles

On June 15, a summit of more than 50 states ended, united by the goal of helping Ukraine win the war against Russian imperialism. As a result of the meeting, several states announced the preparation of military assistance packages for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Canada. The state allocated for Ukraine 10.000 105-mm shells, 6.750 assault rifles, 1.1 million 7.62-mm shells, 250.000 5.56 rounds, 70.000 sniper ammunition. In addition, Canada has extended the UNIFIER educational program for Ukrainian soldiers until 2026. Canadian specialists will also train Ukrainian pilots on the F-16 and going to participate in the maintenance of the Leopard 2 in Poland.

Denmark, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA. Thanks to the unification of these states, Ukraine will receive hundreds of short/medium-range missiles for air defence systems. The first deliveries are scheduled for the coming weeks.

"Working with our international partners, we are able to provide vital air defence equipment, which will help Ukraine support offensive operations and protect critical national infrastructure," Ben Wallace.

Italy, Norway and Germany. Promised assistance and support in the immediate and long term.

Denmark. $2.6 billion military aid package from 2024.

Spain. 20 armoured vehicles, 4 Leopard 2A4s and a military hospital. Already on June 19, aid will go to Poland and then to Ukraine.

"Ukraine is defending a just cause, and therefore they receive our support in all forms, not only in sending materials but also in training Ukrainian combatants. Spain's position is clear and decisive support, like all countries NATO and the European Union. Our commitment is total and absolute," Margarita Robles.

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