237 Russian Hacker Attacks February 24

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, April 29, 2022
237 Russian Hacker Attacks February 24

"Microsoft" confirms Russia is coordinating military raids with hacker attacks

Hacker groups are running on the same team as the Russian army. According to Microsoft, over the past couple of months, in order to raise the strength and structure of Ukraine, Russia has carried out 237 cyber attacks.

"In the period that began shortly before the invasion, at least six Russian-linked hacker groups conducted more than 237 operations against Ukraine," Microsoft said on April 27.

In support of our statement about the cooperation of hackers and the army of marauders and rapists, we recall the missile attack on the TV tower in Kyiv. The tower, by the way, is located on the territory of Babi Yar — the Holocaust memorial. On the day of the missile attack on Babi Yar, the Russians announced plans to destroy the "disinformation centers", and at the same time, hackers attacked the television and radio center.

According to Microsoft, the purpose of the attacks is "to disrupt the work of the government and the military of Ukraine and undermine public confidence in these state institutions." Microsoft also claims numerous Russian hacker attacks on government institutions and infrastructure nodes in Ukraine. Microsoft says work on carrying out an attack on Ukraine began a year before a full-scale Russian offensive into Ukraine. And according to the specialists of the American company, the attacks that they managed to trace are only a tiny part of the overall Russian subversive campaign against Ukraine.

We remind you that now Starlink is also guarding the cybersecurity of Ukraine.

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