$275 Mln Weapons Batch for Ukraine From the USA

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, October 29, 2022
$275 Mln Weapons Batch for Ukraine From the USA

The Pentagon allocated funds for the transfer of weapons, shells and equipment

On October 28, US Ministry of defence deputy representative Sabrina Singh announced the transfer of weapons and equipment to Ukraine to counter Russian aggression. 

"Today, the Ministry announces the approval of the 24th $275 million presidential assistance package to meet Ukraine's security and defence needs," Sabrina Singh.

What will be included in this package:

  • Ammunition for HIMARS;
  • 5.000 shells of 155 mm calibre;
  • from 1.3 thousand anti-tank systems;
  • 125 armoured SUVs;
  • 4 satellite dishes.

We remind you that Lloyd Austin announced the speedy transfer of the NASAMS batch to Ukraine in early November. Also, specialists from the United States will train soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to work with this equipment.

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