$300 Mln Aid From Pentagon For Ukraine 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, May 5, 2023
$300 Mln Aid From Pentagon For Ukraine 

On 3 May, a new package of military assistance was announced in the United States

The Pentagon announced the allocation of a new assistance package for Ukraine to meet critical defence needs. US representatives agreed to provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the following:

  • Additional ammunition for HIMARS missile systems;
  • 155 mm howitzers;
  • 155 mm artillery shells;
  • 120 mm, 81 mm, and 60 mm mortar mines;
  • Missiles with optical tracking and wire guidance;
  • Anti-tank missile systems AT-4 and Carl Gustaf;
  • Aviation missiles Hydra-70.

In addition, complete sets of small arms will be added to the package worth $300 million ammunition for undermining protective structures and cars for transporting heavy equipment. The United States also agreed to provide Ukraine with equipment for diagnosing and checking the conditions of the vehicles, repair parts, and field equipment.

The Pentagon said it would not stop supporting Ukraine in confronting the Russian war of aggression. The department notes that President Biden's administration has already made 37 decisions in favour of Ukraine and allocated the necessary equipment from the warehouses of the US Department of defence since August 2021. Further, the American government plans to develop cooperation with other countries to ensure support for Ukraine.

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