A Gift to Odesa From the Twin City Yokohama

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, June 12, 2022
A Gift to Odesa From the Twin City Yokohama

Japanese partners sent to Ukraine essential equipment in case of an emergency

In war, everything can change in one day. If the Russian Federation continues to use black methods to fight for the territory and power of a foreign country and Ukraine's western partners delay the supply of new weapons, several more regions of Ukraine may find themselves in a humanitarian catastrophe. Some partners of Ukraine understand this, so they provide any help. For example, the mayor of Yokohama, Japan, handed over humanitarian aid in case of an emergency. Japanese officials sent 33 portable water purification plants.

Portable water purification machines will be delivered to the southern part of the country. At the moment, that zone is the most vulnerable and can repeat Mariupol's script. So, the ambassador of Ukraine to Japan, Serhii Korsun, thanked the mayor of the Japanese city of Yokohama.

"Shortly, 33 portable water treatment plants will go to Odesa in case of emergencies. We ask Odesa to share with Mykolaiv. I want to believe they will not be needed, but just in case there is," he wrote on Facebook.

Earlier, the world-famous organization Rolls-Royce handed over to Ukraine 2 heavy-duty diesel generators.

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