366 Day of War

Friday, February 24, 2023
366 Day of War

Occupation losses in the last week of the nightmare year of the war 

On 24 February, a Russian invasion of independent Ukraine began. On the same day, the armed forces of the Russian Federation began to actively lose people, equipment, and the d respect of the world community. Today, exactly one year after the war began, the male population of the Russian Federation has been reduced by at least 140.000. More precisely, Moscow lost in Ukraine:

  • 146.820 — personnel;
  • 3.363 — tanks;
  • 6.600 — armoured personnel vehicle;
  • 2.363/474 — artillery systems/MRS;
  • 247 — anti-aircraft warfare systems;
  • 299/287 — aircraft/helicopters;
  • 2.033 — UAV operational-tactical level;
  • 873 — cruise missiles;
  • 18 — warship/boats;
  • 5.224 — vehicles, fuel tanks;
  • 229 — special equipment.

On the 366th day of the war, Russia still achieved nothing. It is difficult to talk about the Kremlin’s seizure of new territories, as they lack manpower and equipment, and moral incentives.

Ukraine after a year looks stronger and has definitely removed from the Russian Federation the title "the second army of the world". This week, world leaders came to Ukraine again, the European Union froze new assets of Russian citizens, the world turned blue and yellow on the first anniversary of the war. Also this week, the first trilateral meeting between Ukraine, the European Union and NATO was held.

So, only Ukraine, only victory!

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