42 Appeals to the International Court of Justice

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, April 11, 2022
42 Appeals to the International Court of Justice

42 countries turned to The Hague over Russia’s war crimes against Ukraine

There are 252 countries globally, and 42 are not just shocked by Russia's aggression. 42 different governments favored Ukrainian independence and immediate punishment of Russia, so registered petitions to the Hague court to investigate crimes.

This move on the part of other countries expedited the investigation process. An international investigation into the crimes of the Russian Federation and the army against Ukrainian residents has already begun. We can assume that the last straw of patience for other countries was the Russian crimes committed in Bucha.

Experts from all over Ukraine and foreign organizations, such as the media, are working to gather evidence of war crimes in Bucha. But it is already being noted that the number of crimes committed by Russia is so great that it lacks resources.

"Resources are difficult because the number of crimes that Russia commits is insane, and it takes a lot of effort. The problem is big, but war crimes are a priority. We have international support, experts from France will come this week. Moreover, we are in negotiations with other EU countries, with a high probability they will also give their professional experts, and it will help to cope with the huge workload," said the minister of justice, Denys Maliuska.

Unfortunately, Ukrainians are being prepared for the fact that proven guilt does not mean that humans will be punished immediately. But the, minister Maliuska also notes that the Russian criminals who were in the Kyiv region were so young that the court decision will find them years from now.

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