5 Weeks Without Electricity 24/7

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, June 22, 2023
5 Weeks Without Electricity 24/7

The UN calculated how much time Ukrainians spent without electricity/heat/water in October-December 2022

UNDP has published an Update on the energy damage assessment regarding damage, needs, current state and forecast of energy infrastructure in Ukraine. The analysis is based on the damage that Russian targeted missile and drone attacks inflicted on the United energy system of Ukraine in October-December 2023.

It is important to understand that the energy infrastructure is responsible not only for the fact that there is light in the houses. This sector feeds Ukraine's other critical infrastructure: heating, water supply and drainage, mobile communications and the internet. And the Ukrainians did not have all this for months. In total, from October 10 to the end of December, Ukrainians spent 5 weeks without electricity, water, heating and the internet. Russia used 500 rockets and Shaheds, plus thousands of projectiles and grenades, against Ukraine's energy infrastructure during this period.

"Continuous and regular waves of attacks on energy infrastructure left 12 million people with no or limited electricity and disrupted water supplies and heating systems at a time when temperatures fell below zero in most parts of the country,"  Update on the energy damage assessment.

"...the ability to produce electricity declined by 61% within a year. Out of a total of 75 power units,10 6 were destroyed, 16 were damaged, 1 was located under the temporary military control of the Russian Federation, and 22 were out of operation due to logistical problems with gas or coal supplies."

41 of the 94 most important transformers were damaged or destroyed, causing power transmission problems.

"More than half of them have been hit more than once to prevent them from ever being repaired."

Electricity consumption fell by 41%. And in order not to give in to the darkness and cold, Ukrainians donated on drones and warmed up in points of invincibility.

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