6,000 Digital Education Hubs Join “Diia” Digital Education

Saturday, August 28, 2021
6,000 Digital Education Hubs Join “Diia” Digital Education

Due to digital development, now every citizen can visit hubs to learn digital literacy

Digital education Diia has built a partnership network of over 6,000 digital education hubs across Ukraine. A special interactive map has been developed, which allows you to see the schedule of each hub, address, phone number for pre-registration and e-mail.

Deputy minister of digital transformation Valeria Ionan said that the ministry of education is developing a network of digital education hubs as part of the development of educational infrastructure in Ukraine.

"We want every Ukrainian, regardless of age, gender, profession, and in any part of the country, to be able to find a digital education hub nearby and visit it to access free digital literacy training. And if last year there were about 2,000 digital education hubs in our network, today the number of digital education hubs has tripled! We thank our strategic partner — the Ukrainian library association, as well as the private sector," said Valeria Ionan.

Thus, the field of digital education in Ukraine is developing rapidly. This not only improves the level of education of Ukrainians but also makes the country attractive to investors.

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