72% of Ukraine’s Euroobligations Have Been Fulfilled

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, March 27, 2023
72% of Ukraine’s Euroobligations Have Been Fulfilled

Has been published an up-to-date report on the association agreement between Ukraine and the EU 

By concluding the association agreement, Ukraine assumed several obligations in 7 areas. Every day, all layers of the political leadership are working on the reformation of Ukraine for successful European integration shortly.

According to the latest report, Ukraine fulfilled its obligations to the European Union by 72%.

"Ukraine has already fulfilled 72% of all obligations stipulated by the agreement, which is an important element of Ukraine's integration into the internal market of the European Union. Overall progress on implementing the Agreement for 2022 increased by 9%," association report-2022.

The greatest efforts were made in the fields of intellectual property, public finance, information exchange, human rights, and humanitarian measures.

The following areas require more effort: tax issues, science and technology, anti-fraud, and transport.

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