$7,5 Million Investment in a Shrimp Farm in Southern Ukraine

Monday, July 12, 2021
$7,5 Million Investment in a Shrimp Farm in Southern Ukraine

The largest in Europe closed-cycle aqua-production is being built in the Mykolaiv region: 500 tons of king prawns per year

The Tiligul aquafarm on the bank of the Tiligul firth is a vertically oriented production. The enterprise fully compensates for its resource requirements, since it includes all processes of production and processing of raw materials. Tiligul includes a feed mill, broodstock and shrimp fry incubator. It is planned to create 32-34 jobs.

In an interview with the news resource Interfax, Lyubomir Gaydamaka, the head of the Tiligul project, announced the preparation of the enterprise for certification in accordance with European standards and a contract with a Thai company. Since today there are no specialists in the cultivation of shrimp larvae in Ukraine, the first batch of livestock will be grown in Thailand.

The total estimated number of employees of the enterprise is 32-34 people.

Further, Tiligul plans to invest about €20 million in the construction of incubators for marine fish: sea bass, dorado, barramundi, and grouper. This event will allow the company to produce up to 100 tons of fish per year.

"We are creating an anchor facility that will enable another enterprise to engage in such a business," added Gaydamaka. Confirmation of his words is the intention to open an industrial park in the same region. Also, for the development of aquaculture in the region, Taligur will give surplus planting materials for crustacean feed, compound feed and processed products to those companies that want to do the same business.

The official launch is scheduled for October 10. By the time all production capacities are launched, Tiligul will be able to satisfy the demands of not only Ukrainian consumers, but also European ones in seafood. After the US and China markets, the EU market is the largest importer of shrimp, and the cost of raw materials there is about € 40-100 / kg.

Ukraine annually imports about 2,4 thousand tons of crustaceans per year. While foreign producers supply frozen shrimp, Tiligul will provide Ukrainians with access to fresh chilled shrimps.

In 2020, imports of crustaceans increased 57,4% — up to 11,5 thousand tons, which is approximately $55 million. Exports increased almost 7 times — up to 0,8 thousand tons and $5,2 million.

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