9 Months of “Azov” Captivity  

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, February 20, 2023
9 Months of “Azov” Captivity   

Since May 16, more than 700 defenders of "Azovstal" remain prisoners of the Russian war 

For almost 3 months, Ukrainian soldiers of the Azov regiment fought a pile of Russian soldiers. The occupiers destroyed Mariupol and wanted remorse for the local plant Azovstal, burying thousands of soldiers and ordinary people under the land. But the military surrendered, saving civilians' lives. As a result, 2.500 soldiers surrendered voluntarily with the hope of being subject to monitoring by international organisations.

After 9 months, it became clear that members of the Ukrainian Azov regiment appeared on the lists for the exchange of prisoners of war very rarely. Those released return home with many injuries, illnesses, signs of torture, and dystrophy. But it is good that people are returned to Ukraine in this form. Some Ukrainian heroes from Azov will never return to their families. We are talking about the dead prisoners of war in Olenivka. The massacre of Ukrainian prisoners followed the torture of the defenders of Mariupol. By the way, no international organisation ever got access to the site of the tragedy – the Russian military does not open a "green corridor" and "time of silence" for examination.

While international organisations cannot influence the Kremlin, the Russian executioners must have 700 fighters from the Azov regiment. However, nobody knows the condition, conditions and whether they are alive.

9 months 700 brave defenders who saved Ukraine from the rapid loss of territory and the approach of the Russian barbarians to Europe live under the rule of the enemy. Who can save them? Because just as a mother can bear a child for 9 months, confidence in impunity is born in Moscow.

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