Medic From “Azovstal” Told About Life in Russian Captivity

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, October 29, 2022
Medic From “Azovstal” Told About Life in Russian Captivity

Viktoriia Obidina told about "Azovstal", separation from her daughter due to the Russian military and capture

Viktoriia Obidina became famous for having been separated from her 4-year-old daughter during the evacuation. She was released from captivity during the largest female prisoner-of-war exchange. Obidina helped the wounded soldiers on Azov for a while. Since March 10, the medical put a shopper, made injections and bandings, and distributed antibiotics and tablets. 

"I have never been present at operations, I have not seen what happens when a person loses his leg. It was my first experience. When receiving the guys without legs and hands, everything goes to the background, you concentrate on the morning and understand that you need to treat urgently. I have never been alone in the bunker, we were doctors, and they coordinated all movements," said the 27-year-old doctor.

But in the Obidina home remained a child. Under the strikes. In Mariupol. Therefore, she asked whether she could be at home with her daughter, and the command allowed her to evacuate. But Russian soldiers captured Victoria Obibina in front of her 4-year-old daughter.

"One day, I asked one of the soldiers from Azov to take the child. He asked: "Are you ready to go?" the car was the only one that left the factory and came back. It took a few minutes to pack up, pick up Alice, put her in the car and go back. When I got to the apartment, there were no windows, nothing. I took her from the bomb shelter, and we left," recalls Victoria.

The Russian soldiers captured a female medic because they saw her in one of the videos of Ukrainian defender Azovstal. Viktoriia Obidina knew that the Russian invaders had seen the video and knew her, so during the evacuation of the women and children, she sat separately from her daughter to avoid putting her in danger. A bus with a medic was stopped at one of the checkpoints on the side of the occupied territories, and the military deliberately came for the woman and took her away.

The woman says that the food was undelicious, without salt, like in dogs. According to the doctor's words, walking the prisoners did not lead, the conditions were terrible. But the worst thing is attitude.

"Beat on the head, grabbed behind the neck, to the ground lay the face, on the ribs beat. It was no longer terrible, I understood that Alice (daughters) with me now is not — and this is the main thing," she said.

Also, the woman told that she was taken to Olenivka, and on the day of the terror, Russians closed all doors, even windows, to get food in the cells. Then the woman heard an intense explosion.

Obidina also told that she was painted with cosmetics and dressed in a dress. After such procedures, the woman had to talk to the camera and ask the Ukrainian side to return her daughter. The military medical officer said everything the Russians wanted to hear, but thanks to body and gestures, it made it clear to the Ukrainian side that this is not true.

The 27-year-old woman managed to get home after Ukrainian politicians and military personnel made great efforts. Ukraine did not tell about the exchange until the last minute. But now 108 women are at home, including Obidina.

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