Romania Will Help the Victims of the Shelling of Odesa on July 1

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, July 3, 2022
Romania Will Help the Victims of the Shelling of Odesa on July 1

MFA of Romania: this war is Єnot only illegal but also immoral"

On July 3, the head of the Romanian Ministry of foreign affairs, Bogdan Aurescu, said that his department and his state were ready to help Ukrainians who had suffered from the shelling of the village of Serhiivka in Odessa. We remind you that on July 1 (Russians shot down a recreation center and a multi-storey residential building, as a result of which dozens of Ukrainians, including children, died. We would like to note that on July 1, Ukraine celebrates Children's day.

Bogdan Aurescu also said that the Ministry of foreign affairs is actively cooperating with the rehabilitation center in Moldova, which now houses the children who suffered from the inhuman shelling that night. According to the Romanian information resource Digi 24, Bogdan Aurescu commented on the nature of the war waged by the Russians: "... not only illegal, but also immoral, and that it must end as soon as possible."

"We strongly condemn this attack that took place this morning, just as we condemn all other attacks by the Russian Federation on the civilian population of Ukraine. This is another gross violation of international humanitarian law, another gross violation of the rules of warfare, warfare," the minister Aurescu.

Due to Russian shelling, 21 people, including small children, were killed, and 38 were injured. According to the minister of health of Moldova, Alla Nemerenko, among the dead, was an employee of the Chisinau rehabilitation center for children.

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