A Buyer in Lebanon Refuses Ukrainian Grain Due to the Delayed by War Delivery 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, August 9, 2022
A Buyer in Lebanon Refuses Ukrainian Grain Due to the Delayed by War Delivery 

Lebanon refused to accept a ship with Ukrainian grain, which was the first to break the blockade of the Russia

On August 1, an opportunity for at least one ship with Ukrainian grain to leave the port of Ukraine seemed a victory. On August 1, the cargo Razoni sailed from the port of Odesa after an agreement between Ukraine and Russia about a green corridor. Razoni was the first ship to cross the mined waters of the Black sea and leave the country after the outbreak of the Russian war. The vessel was able to export the grain to the customer. However, the buyer refused to accept the cargo.

According to the embassy of Ukraine in Lebanon, the buyer refused to accept and pay for the Ukrainian deficit grain due to a delay of 5 months.

The discouraging situation did not take Ukraine out of its first winning mood. Closing his eyes to the customer's actions, who pretended that the delivery delay was the Ukrainian side's fault, the exporting country is looking for a new buyer.

It is worth noting that Lebanon, from the first days of Russia's attack on Ukraine, supported the attacking side and disagreed with its ministry of foreign affairs. The president made such a statement at the Assembly of Russian-Lebanese business spheres. He said that the majority of Lebanese residents do not share the position of the country's foreign ministry, which earlier condemned the particular operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine and believes that Russia is doing the right thing.

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