Ukraine Sells to Lebanon Its Stolen by Russia Grain

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, August 3, 2022
Ukraine Sells to Lebanon Its Stolen by Russia Grain

Ukraine offered Lebanon to buy grain and flour from an arrested vessel loaded with stolen Ukrainian agricultural products

On July 27, the Syrian ship Laodicea, loaded with 10.000 tons of flour and barley stolen from Ukraine, was detained in the Lebanese port of Tripoli. Ukraine handed Lebanon evidence that the grain was indeed illegally exported from Ukraine. The Ministry of foreign affairs of Lebanon said that the responsible authorities are already inspecting the vessel.

"We received crucial documents and evidence from Ukraine that the flour and barley on board the Laodicea were stolen in Ukraine. Tomorrow we will submit a petition to the judge in Tripoli to extend the period of detention of the vessel under arrest," the Ukrainian embassy in Lebanon.

In turn, Ukraine, as the owner of agricultural products on Laodicea, offered Lebanon to buy the flour and barley that this ship was carrying to Syria.

"In agreement with the owners of the products in Ukraine on board the Laodicea, as well as in order to avoid spoiling the looted grain and preserve it in Lebanon, the embassy of Ukraine sent an offer to the government of Lebanon to purchase the specified products at the following prices: wheat flour $350 per ton, barley $180 per ton Prices are twice as low as market prices," the embassy of Ukraine in Lebanon.

We remind you that the ship with the stolen grain was already detained in Turkey. Turkey did not take the side of the international legal order and Ukraine and passe the Russian ship with 7.000 tons of grain stolen in Ukraine.

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