When Own Interests Are More Important Than International Needs

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, July 7, 2022
When Own Interests Are More Important Than International Needs

Turkey released a Russian ship loaded with 7.000 tons of grain stolen from Ukraine

On July 3, the ship Zhibek Zholy, which is leased to Russia until October of this year, entered the port of Turkey. It is known that the ship came from the Ukrainian port of Berdyansk in the Zaporizhia region, where the occupiers loaded 7.000 tons of Ukrainian grain on it.

The Ministry of foreign affairs gave Turkey all the information and asked to detain the ship. Turkey seized the vessel and announced its intention to deal with the situation, as their state is trying to mediate between Ukraine, the UN, and Russia in the "grain issue". And today, without informing the reasons, without checking the grain on the ship Zhibek Zholy, Turkey released the ship.

"A particularly egregious case was the Russian vessel Zhibek Zholy, which tried to transport stolen grain from occupied Berdyansk to the Turkish port of Karasu. Thanks to the prompt intervention of the relevant authorities of Ukraine, this vessel was unable to unload the stolen goods and was detained. A request was sent to the Turkish side to arrest the vessel and cargo. At the same time, ignoring the appeal of the Ukrainian side, the ship was released on the evening of July 6," Ukrainian diplomats.

As of today, Russia illegally exported more than 500.000 tons of grain from Ukraine.

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