The EU Countries Summoned the Ambassadors of the RF

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, October 3, 2022
The EU Countries Summoned the Ambassadors of the RF

Lithuania did not limit itself to explanations about the non-recognizing of annexation but declared the ambassador of Russia persona non grata

The second wave of diplomatic breaks took place against the background of the Russian criminal annexation of 4 regions of Ukraine. A number of EU countries, starting from September 30, summoned Russian ambassadors to protest against the illegal actions of the aggressor country.

On October 3, Czech foreign minister Jan Lipavsky summoned Russian Ambassador Alexander Zmeevsky "due to a gross violation of international law and the illegal annexation of the territory of Ukraine." Minister Lipavsky wrote on Twitter that "we have made it clear to the Russian side that we will not tolerate criminal aggression and blatant theft of territory."
According to Jan Lipavsky, the Russian ambassador tried to justify Putin's steps, but his arguments had no chance against the firm position of Czechia.

"Relations with Russia are very bad, but it is necessary to maintain the possibility of at least elementary communication. I have not yet had the need to proceed with the expulsion of the Russian ambassador and the freezing of relations. I think that even taking into account the results on the battlefield, Russia will move on to serious negotiations about the future of Ukraine," Jan Lipavsky.

The Ministry of foreign affairs of Poland summoned Russian ambassador Sergei Andreev. The ambassador's visit was short, and the message was very clear: Poland does not recognize the Kremlin annexation. Separately, to Andreev was explained the attitude to Putin's phrase "threats to world peace, including our country."

"Today, the ambassadors of the Russian Federation are summoned to the countries of the European Union. We also summoned the ambassador to express our position on the illegal decisions of president Putin on the same illegal annexation of the territories of Ukraine, as well as on what has been happening for a long time, but last week in a very decisive way," Lukasz Jasina, representative of the MFA of Poland.

Lithuania. The Ministry of foreign affairs not only summoned Russian ambassador Sergei Ryabokon, but also declared him persona non grata in the country. Vilnius stated that Ryabokon's actions and statements were at odds with his diplomatic status. Those are regarded as interference in the internal affairs of Lithuania and a violation of the Vienna convention on diplomatic relations.

On October 3, Italian foreign minister Ettore Sechi summoned Russian ambassador Sergei Razov. According to Italian media, the arrival was coordinated with European partners. Rome has declared that it does not recognize the Russian annexation. Seki also discussed with Razov the Nord Stream gas pipelines, where 4 leaks were discovered last week.

The MFA of Finland summoned Russian ambassador Pavel Kuznetsov and unequivocally condemned the artificial and falsified "referendums" on the territory of Ukraine, as well as the criminal "inclusion" of the temporarily occupied regions of Ukraine into the Russian Federation.

The German MFA summoned ambassador Sergei Nechaev and announced that Germany condemn the annexation and do not recognize the Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, Zaporizhzhia regions of Ukraine as Russian territory.

The Belgian foreign Ministry summoned the Russian ambassador back on September 30, immediately after Russia's scandalous announcement of annexation.

We remind you that on September 30, a number of countries issued a joint statement condemning the Russian annexation and calling on all partner countries to increase sanctions against Russia and unite more strongly for Ukraine.

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