Ukraine to Receive About 160 “Hellfire” Missiles From Norway

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, September 8, 2022
Ukraine to Receive About 160 “Hellfire” Missiles From Norway

Also in the Norwegian military package will be launch pads, guidance units and night vision devices

During the 5th summit of the Ukrainian Defense Contact Group, several statements were made by the participants of the international platform. Norwegian defence minister Bjorn Arild Gramm announced the transfer of Hellfire missiles and other weapons and protective equipment to Ukraine from the balance of the Norwegian Armed Forces.

"This is the weapon that Ukraine asked for, and it will come in handy in the fight against the Russian occupying forces. The missile is easy to control, it can be used against both land and sea targets," Bjorn Arild Gramm.

The Norwegian Armed Forces tested the missiles and confirmed their military suitability. The missile has already been sent to Ukraine. Moreover, military instructors from Norway have already trained Ukrainian soldiers in handling this type of weapon.

''So far, we and our allies have been transferring military systems and equipment from our own stocks. In the future, we will need to work closely with the defence industry to ensure the necessary supply of military equipment to Ukraine. This will also ensure that Ukraine receives more modern and efficient equipment,'' Bjorn Arild Gramm.

We remind you that today Ukraine received information about military assistance in the amount of $675 million and part of $2 billion.

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