A Piece of Ukraine in Each Country 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, August 31, 2022
A Piece of Ukraine in Each Country 

In 14 countries, 20 streets and squares were named after Ukraine

The press service of the Ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine reported that other states are renaming the streets in honour of the country's feat. The department named 14 countries that have already renamed the streets of their cities to something connecting to Ukraine:

  • America;
  • Czech Republic;
  • Poland;
  • Lithuania;
  • Latvia;
  • Albania;
  • Slovakia;
  • Norway;
  • Canada;
  • Hungary;
  • Estonia;
  • Sweden;
  • France;
  • Iceland;
  • Luxembourg.

The renaming of the streets takes place within the framework of the Ukraine Street campaign in solidarity with the country renamed the city is fighting the Russian aggressor.

The Ministry of foreign affairs reports that in some countries, governments have made a grand gestures of support for the Ukrainian people. In 6 countries, Ukrainian names were given to the streets and squares on which the diplomatic institutions of the Russian Federation are located.

On 28 April, Gdansk square was named after Mariupol. On May 15, Cannes renamed the square in honour of the Ukrainian poet and revolutionary Taras Shevchenko. The Ukrainian parliament notes that the city hall of Cannes is always one of the first in France to stand in support of Ukraine. February 24 in Cannes immediately hung a yellow-blue flag in solidarity with the Ukrainians who were attacked by Russia.

"On the occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine at once 2 Ukrainian names appeared on the map: in Luxembourg appeared "Kyiv Boulevard", and in the New York intersection Brighton Beach Avenue and Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn renamed the "Ukrainian Way"," wrote the Ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine.

It is also known that Ukrainian place-name names have appeared in the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Albania, Norway, and Canada.

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