“Baykar” Dressed “Bayraktar” for Ukraine in Vyshyvanka

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, August 27, 2022
“Baykar” Dressed “Bayraktar” for Ukraine in Vyshyvanka

The company transfers 3 drones to Ukraine for free and also declares that it will not cooperate with Russia for any money

Ukrainians for 3 days, collected the amount needed to buy 4 Bayraktars. Initially, it was planned to raise funds for 1 drone in 7 days. The strength of Ukrainians! The Bayrak company, having learned about this, decided to transfer the drones for free, in return asking them to transfer the collected funds to the struggle of the Ukrainian people.

Today drones from Bayrak for the Armed Forces of Ukraine are ready to be sent to Ukraine. And, especially for Ukraine, the company decorated the drones with a pattern of Ukrainian national embroidery.

"The company will not accept payment for TV2 and send 3 UAVs to the Ukrainian front for free. We ask that the collected funds be directed to help in the struggle of the people of Ukraine," the company said in a statement.

Bayrak CEO Haluk Bayraktar reiterated that his company will not sell drones to Russia, as he and his company are on Ukraine's side.

"The company is completely on the side of Ukraine, and nothing will overshadow cooperation with Ukraine, no matter what amount is offered," Haluk Bayraktar.

Glory to Ukraine and Bayrak!

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