A Story About Love and Assistance

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, July 21, 2023
A Story About Love and Assistance

Andrea and Lily from Norway wove and sold bracelets to donate $75 of their earnings to "United24/Education"

A few days ago, United24 received a touching email from Norwegian Peder Ganke. He told about his daughter Lily and her friend Andrea. The girls wanted to help Ukraine, so they sold bracelets on the beach that they wove with their own hands. The girls sent the money they earned to help those Ukrainian children who, due to the war, cannot receive a scholarly education.

"My daughter and her friend wanted to support Ukraine. They made bracelets and sold them on the beach. In total, they collected $75, and we made a contribution to the direction Education and science. It may not be much, but this is a sincere desire to help Ukraine of 2 Norwegian 11-year-old girls! I'm adding a photo of the day they were selling the bracelets. The girl on the left is Andrea, and on the right is Lily, my daughter. Best regards and continued support from Norway," Peder Ganke, Lily's dad.

This is the largest and most significant $75 in the history of dollars, money, and our world.

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