Accident or Threat?

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, January 15, 2023
Accident or Threat?

Part of the Russian missile with 80 kg of explosives fell on the territory of Moldova

On January 14, Russia launched the 12th mass missile strike against Ukraine's power plants. Also, on this day, the occupiers became the authors of a new terror, and not only in Ukraine. The Ministry of the interior of Moldova reported that Russian missile fragments fell near the town Briceni, border sector Lagra. Reported that this is already the 3rd similar case during the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine.

The fragments of the terrorist missile did not hit anyone. Special services arrived at the scene and fenced off the territory. Later, the Ministry of the interior of Moldova reported that 80 kg of explosives were found in the part of the fallen missile. It's the second time a Russian missile falls down on the territory of Moldova. 

Due to the uncontrolled actions of the Russian Federation, the Moldovan government increased security measures in the airspace and on the territories bordering Ukraine. Also, it increased the number of patrolmen. 

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