Russian Missiles Detected in Moldova

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, October 10, 2022
Russian Missiles Detected in Moldova

3 Russian missiles pose a threat to Moldova and objects that were in the airspace

During the massive bombing of Ukraine in the morning, Moldova also became a victim of Russian aggression. 3 Russian missiles flew to Moldova and were there from 8:33 to 9:02. This was reported by specialized structures of the Ministry of Defense of Moldova.

This incident caused dissatisfaction with the Moldovan authorities, so the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already called for the Ambassador of the Russian Federation.

"The goals represented a danger to the infrastructure of the Republic of Moldova and, in particular, to civilian aircraft flying in the country's airspace," the Ministry of Defense said.

Also, the Republic of Moldova considers this incident to be an extremely serious violation of territorial borders and causes additional tension. Chisinau declares that violation of the national airspace is inadmissible, so the Russian ambassador will have diplomatic problems.

In general, the Moldovan government condemned the attacks of the Russian army on civilian objects in Ukraine. Chisinau against the deaths of the civilian population.

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