Act on Residence Authorization Permit in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, December 31, 2021
Act on Residence Authorization Permit in Ukraine

In December 2021, the parliament of Ukraine considered another law on the residence authorization services

Parliament discussed and voted in favor of the public (electronic) service authorization for declaration and registration for residents in Ukraine. That solution had been used to simplify the procedure that everyone in Ukraine faced. The act aims to get a residence authorization quickly and easily.

The change will eliminate the need for citizens to visit certain authorities and collect many papers. For example, men would not have to go to a military commission to obtain a certificate or a press.

Such a law would also affect the use of health and social services. If in the past one could see a doctor only according to his place of living, under the new law, he or she could do so without being linked to a propiska (certificate of residence).

Under the law, citizens of Ukraine, as well as foreigners or stateless persons, would have to submit a declaration or application. It must be done during 30 calendar days after the change of place of living. However, the state gives the choice option to the country's inhabitants. It will be possible to apply for residence authorization remotely — in electronic form and personally. Despite the innovation, anyone wishing to do so can submit a paper request to the Ukrainian residents' registration authority.

Remote services from the authorities will also be available to obtain a propiska for the newborn. But considering the new chores of the family, the state is extending the deadline. A declaration or application for registration of the child's living place may be submitted during three calendar months.

Thanks to this decision, Ukrainians will be spared the need to spend a few days on obtaining a propiska. Now people will have the opportunity in just one day to take themselves off the registration and make it somewhere else they live.

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