The EU Will Increase the Purchase of Electricity in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, September 9, 2022
The EU Will Increase the Purchase of Electricity in Ukraine

On September 9, the European Commissioner announced the mutual benefit of strengthening trade in the field of electricity in Ukraine

Today, at a European Union meeting in Brussels meeting, European Commissioner Kadri Simson said that it would be beneficial for the EU countries to increase the scale of electricity purchases in Ukraine. This step will be useful for both Ukraine and the European Union.

"We must continue supporting our Ukrainian friends by increasing the electricity trade volume with them. This is mutually beneficial — it will allow Ukraine to make a profit and provide the EU with access to an additional source of affordable electricity," Kadri Simson.

"I urged ministers to increase electricity trade with Ukraine. As we said today, it's time to complement our preparations with measures to reduce price pressures to make the best use of the profits generated in the market for the benefit of our citizens," Kadri Simson.

Today, the European Commission has proposed a list of 5 measures to overcome the energy crisis. The increase in purchases of electricity in Ukraine is included in this list. In total, the package of measures includes strengthening energy efficiency, diversifying energy logistics and developing renewable energy sources.

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