Additional $4.5 Bln USA Emergency Grant 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, December 7, 2022
Additional $4.5 Bln USA Emergency Grant 

US defence budget 2023 includes $800 million for Ukraine

On December 6, US economy minister Janet Yellen announced direct emergency grant support to Ukraine for $4.5 billion. The funds will be used to stabilise the economic background of Ukraine and to provide social support.

"These funds will begin disbursing in the coming weeks and will help the government of Ukraine defend against Russia's illegal war by strengthening economic stability and supporting essential public services, including salaries for hospital workers, civil servants and teachers, and welfare for the elderly and vulnerable," Janet Yellen.

In addition, Congress passed a bill for the state's defence budget for next year totalling $847.3 billion. Bonus for Ukraine: the budget includes about $800 million to strengthen the defence capability of our state.

Special thanks to the United States for these points:

  • A proposal to sanction gold and foreign exchange transactions with Russia;
  • Allocation of about $ 6 billion to strengthen the defence capability of Europe;
  • Imposition of a permanent embargo on the exchange of data on National Missile Defense systems with Russia;
  • Initiative to reduce the share of Russian fuel at US military bases in Europe;
  • Extension of non-cooperation with a terrorist country for 5 years.

We remind you that the United States is considering a proposal to recognise Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.

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