Addressing Environmental Threats: Developing Domestic Goods

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, January 28, 2022
Addressing Environmental Threats: Developing Domestic Goods

Ukrainian smart sockets and ecological toothbrushes — first steps to reasonable consumerism

Ukraine has embarked on the path of green production of goods. Laws to limit the consumption of plastic bags, the shift of many companies to conscious consumption, the invention of more and more eco-products, and the reduction of Earth’s resources consumption. Today we’d like to tell you a few things at once.

Ukrainian eco-brushes Effa has started production: they are made of starch, decomposed in 2 months, and cost $0.10. These brushes are perfect as an alternative to plastic brushes because they do not harm the environment when decomposing.

Dental cleaning equipment will be available in hotels and on aircraft. And when those brushes get to the landfill, they decompose without harming nature. Apart from the rapid decomposition, the starch brush is no different from the usual one. It also carefully and efficiently looks after the mouth cavity. Her bristles are nylon, and there’s a dose of toothpaste inside. 

Effa is a Ukrainian startup that develops environmental goods. The team includes Daria Kychuk, Yulia Kychuk, and Konstantyn Shcherbyna. According to them, Effa has already signed contracts to sell new brushes at a total cost of $2 million. And their idea to make ecologically safe brushes were included in the top-5 eco-startups of the world.

The second useful piece of news will be the advice on economic energy consumption. Not only will it help the environment, but it will also save you money. Special devices — programmable smart sockets will help the residents of Dnipro to avoid unnecessary energy consumption. 

"Modern technologies help to increase the comfort of living and, at the same time, optimize energy consumption. Programmable rosettes have become integral elements of the "smart" house, which helps owners use energy resources more efficiently and save family budget," noted Yasno director in Dnipro region Yuryi Fedko.

These are special devices with which household appliances are connected to switch on/off at the right time automatically. Smart sockets are most useful to owners of bi-zonal counters because they are programmed to turn on energy-intensive devices during the hours of operation of the economic "night" tariff for electricity from 11:00 p. m. to 7:00 a. m.

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