Poland Opened “Free Ukraine” Square Opposite the Russian Embassy

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, July 13, 2022
Poland Opened “Free Ukraine” Square Opposite the Russian Embassy

On July 12, ambassadors and diplomats of Germany, the USA, France, Hungary, Slovakia, Malta, Canada, and Ukraine attended the opening of the Krakow square named after "Free Ukraine"

On July 12, the city council of the city of Krakow opened Free Ukraine square. Just under the windows of the Russian embassy.

The opening of the square, which is a symbol of Krakow's solidarity with the people of Ukraine during the war with Russia, was attended by the head of the Krakow city council, the president of Krakow, the consul general of Ukraine in Krakow, the deputy of the sister city of Lviv (Ukraine), the dean of the consular corps of Krakow, the consul general of Germany, consul general of the USA, consul general of France, consul general of Hungary, consul of the consulate general of Slovakia, honorary consul of Malta, ambassador of Canada and former ambassador of Ukraine.

"The symbol of the revival of Ukraine after the victory over the enemy, as well as the bright future of the Ukrainian and Polish peoples in the common European family, were the young participants — Ukrainian and Polish children, for whom the square will also be a wonderful integration platform," Consulate General of Ukraine in Krakow.

Representatives of Ukraine thanked Poland for sheltering our refugees with unprecedented support and assistance.

"The consul general of Ukraine in Krakow, Vyacheslav Voynarovsky, spoke about the current situation in the Motherland and the massive facts of the genocide of the Ukrainian people by the criminal Putin regime, violations of the laws and customs of war by Russian troops, provoking the world food and migration crisis, the destruction of historical and architectural monuments of world importance, by the occupiers of crimes against humanity, which do not have a statute of limitations and for which non-humans will soon have to bear responsibility," consulate general of Ukraine in Krakow.

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