Australia to Transfer Barrage Weapons to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, August 21, 2022
Australia to Transfer Barrage Weapons to Ukraine

Ukrainian armed forces to receive 300 new munitions for remote control of the enemy

The Australian media report on the preparation for the transfer to Ukraine of the barrage weapons DefendTex D40. It is assumed that their number will be 300. It is known that military aid is already in Poland. There the weapons are checked. If all the munitions are serviceable, they will soon be handed over to the armed forces of Ukraine.

The flying weapon is launched manually or with a grenade launcher. The distance that the weapon can travel is not more than 20 km. Despite this, the barrage of the projectile may be useful for Ukrainians in carrying out counter-offensive operations. Let us recall that the Ukrainian offensive continues in the south of the country. The Ukrainians also need to contain the Russian aggressor in east and northeast Ukraine. A small flying shell can destroy both living force and tank.

It is worth noting that the arms company DefendTex D40 serves military units and law enforcement agencies worldwide. That is why such Australian assistance to Ukraine is a valuable signal of support.

Also, this week it became known about a new shipment of military aid from America and the Czech Republic. Also, US officials continue to call on Biden to supply Ukraine with long-range weapons.

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