Torture Is Part of Russia’s “Policy and Plan” for Waging War

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, October 19, 2022
Torture Is Part of Russia’s “Policy and Plan” for Waging War

Human Rights Watch released a report that states that the torture over Ukrainians wasn't an accident, but the embodiment of a Russian plan

Using the example of the de-occupied town of Izyum, Human Rights Watch claims that the Russians deliberately tortured prisoners of war and Ukrainian civilians. The regularity of such crimes indicates that they are part of the "policy and plan" of waging war against Ukraine.

"Russian forces and others acting under their command routinely tortured detainees during the 6-month occupation of Izyum," Human Rights Watch reports.

More than 100 people who survived the Russian occupation were interviewed in Izyum, and each of them was subjected to torture by Russian soldiers. Ukrainians were beaten with electric shocks, metal objects (guns and pipes), rubber hoses and other objects. Rape of prisoners was widespread. One man was detained 5 times, and each time he was abused with a full arsenal of torture tools.

One of the women (A), who survived captivity and torture, said that she was slapped in the face and punched in the stomach, and threatened with rape. Another woman, who was in the same room at the same time, was raped every day. HRW senior crisis and conflict researcher Belkis Ville said that the violence against Ukrainians "was not a random incident."

People who survived captivity showed 7 torture chambers in Izyum, 2 of which were located in schools. There, the Russians detained Ukrainians and abused them.

"Several victims shared with us credible accounts of similar experiences of torture during interrogations at facilities controlled by Russian forces and their subordinates, indicating that such treatment was part of policy and design," Belkis Ville.

People also complained that the Russians stole their valuables: jewellery, money, cars, and household appliances.

"Our findings indicate that Russian forces have committed horrific abuses in many areas they have occupied, and there is real concern about similar abuses in other areas they continue to control," Belkis Wille.

Based on the research, UN spokeswoman Pramila Patten stated that sexual abuse over Ukrainians is also part of the military tactics of the Russian army. To implement this part, the soldiers even additionally used Viagra.

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