Adoption of International Mechanism of Damage Registration 

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, March 24, 2023
Adoption of International Mechanism of Damage Registration 

On 23 March, the EU agreed on a common registration of damage caused by Russia to Ukraine 

The summit of the organization ended with the adoption of a document on the creation of a mechanism that will help to monitor Russia’s crimes and debts to Ukraine. The decision is based on the aggression of Moscow against Kyiv. In almost 400 days of the war, the occupiers caused damage to Ukrainian families, homes, civilian and critical infrastructure, factories and power plants, animals, and the environment (including the nature reserve areas).

Therefore, the organisation's members decided to increase pressure on the Kremlin (including the limited value of Russian oil) and create a tool to account for losses caused by the Russian war in Ukraine. Gathering data will help bring Russia to justice and rebuild Ukraine. In addition, the EU plans to allocate the funds of Russian citizens and organizations that were frozen due to the sanctions to reconstruct Ukraine.

Recall that the World Bank recently released a new amount needed to rebuild Ukrainians after the war. In turn, the government of Estonia identified legal means of transferring frozen Russian assets to Ukraine.

European leaders said they are ready to help rebuild and re-form Ukraine.

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