Adoption of the Law “On Public Electronic Registers”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, November 19, 2021
Adoption of the Law “On Public Electronic Registers”

The law defines the term "base register" and provides information about them

"For example, the Unified Demographic Register will be the primary source of information about a person - his age, name, identification documents. This is a common world practice. Trembita will connect the registers. It is not necessary to bring photocopies or certificates to various government agencies, as the exchange of information will be in electronic form. Yes, the information will not be duplicated and will differ about the same person in different state registers. As a result, it will make public services efficient and automate them as much as possible", комментирует Министерство цифровой трансформации.

Also, the law leads the term "administrator" and "technical administrator". This solution is designed to optimize the use of human resources, developers, and technical support. This should optimize the use of funds from the treasury.

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