AFU in Kupiansk Destroyed an Iranian Drone

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, September 13, 2022
AFU in Kupiansk Destroyed an Iranian Drone

Drone-kamikaze "Shahed-136", manufactured by Iran, indicates that Russia has ended the ability to produce its own weapons

Against the backdrop of sanctions, Russia no longer had the opportunity to use foreign spare parts in its production: microchips, technologies, boards, etc. The terrorist country turned to Iran for help. It appears that Russia has already received the first batch of drones and has begun testing them. Today, the Armed Forces of Ukraine released evidence that Russia has already started using Iranian long-range kamikaze drones against us.

"An analysis of the appearance of the elements of the drone wing allows us to assert that the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed an Iranian UAV for the first time. We are talking about the Shahed-136 long-range kamikaze UAV," the AFU command reports.

Earlier, the Institute for the Study of War, referring to OSINT, reported that in exchange for weapons, Iran can count on Russian SU-35s. According to US national security expert Jake Sullivan, Iran is interested in transferring hundreds of drones as soon as possible.

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