Ukrainians Won 34 Medals at the “Invictus Games”

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, September 19, 2023
Ukrainians Won 34 Medals at the “Invictus Games”

During the most large-scale competition for wounded soldiers, Ukraine received 12 gold, 14 silver and 8 bronze medals

On September 9, the Invictus Games 2023 began in Germany, Dusseldorf. Adaptive sports are designed for veterans and military personnel with injuries. This year, military personnel from 21 countries participated. Among hundreds of athletes, 25 fighters represent Ukraine. The blue and yellow flag will appear during competitions in table tennis, athletics, powerlifting, rowing on simulators, archery, cycling, swimming, basketball and rugby on wheelchairs and sitting volleyball. After 4 days of competition, it became known that the number of medals received by Ukraine exceeded the number of representatives of the country at the Invictus Games. In the 1st 2 days, Ukrainian representatives won 4 prizes. On the 3rd day, fighters from Ukraine in Dusseldorf took 11 prizes. On day 4 of the Invictus Games, athletes in blue-yellow uniforms brought the country another 9 awards. In total Ukrainians won 12 gold, 14 silver and 8 bronze medals. 

It should be noted that Ukraine at the Invictus Games 2023 in Germany was represented by paramedic Yuliia Paievskaya, who was held captive and harmed by Russian invaders. Paievskaya (Taira) received a silver medal in women's swimming in the ISD class. She swam 50 m in freestyle in 45.22 seconds.

The thirst of Ukrainian fighters to live more robustly than their body and occupiers. Glory to the Heroes! 

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