Agricultural Drones in Ukrainian Fields

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, February 22, 2022
Agricultural Drones in Ukrainian Fields

Although foreign investors are well aware of the competitive advantages of agricultural land, Ukraine is also known for the quality and innovation in the agricultural sector

Ukrainian agrotechnical companies are developing modern solutions to improve traditional farming methods and introduce organic production.

Using this system, you can control many parameters, including:

  • Location and routes of movement of all equipment;
  • Fuel consumption in motion, fuel consumption during stops, fuel consumption when performing work in the fields, fuel consumption per 1 hectare of cultivated area, etc.;
  • Time of entry and exit from the field, downtime, and fieldwork;
  • Area of ​​cultivated fields.

In addition, the system allows:

  • Plot field maps or import them from other mapping programs;
  • Keep records of the history of processing fields, alternation of crops;
  • Automatically identify attachments and determine the type of work performed;
  • Automatically identify drivers to track work time;
  • Set work rates for preliminary calculation of the cost of work performed;
  • Compare planned fieldwork with actual work done.


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