AICEM Will Follow the Students

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, December 7, 2021
AICEM Will Follow the Students

What is AICEM, and will it be introduced in Ukraine?

At first blush, everything new seems frightening and alarming. But behind the name, AICEM is what almost all of Europe has already moved on. AICEM is an abbreviation that hides such a long name as the Automated Information Complex of Educational Management. It is an electronic education management system that will help move to digital papers and ensure the management of the main educational processes.

Such a project primarily aims to rid Ukrainian educational institutions of paper documents. After all, as we know, they can collect dust indoors for many years. And sometimes, they become a threat to the safety of the building. Therefore, AICEM is primarily aimed at introducing electronic document management in schools.

This program is already successfully operating in Ukraine. It is not the first month of the program. The state electronic diary and class journal program module are based on AICEM.

Benefits of an electronic education management system

Behind the digitalization and the abbreviation AICEM, there's something more than the translation of papers into codes. The new system will allow:

  • Collect educational statistics;
  • Carry out a detailed calculation of the needs of the educational subvention, which is transferred to teachers as a salary;
  • Introduce centralized registration of preschool and school children;
  • Control the processes of enrollment, expulsion, and transfer of students.

Such capabilities of the program, which are planned to be activated in Ukraine soon, will allow not only to receive the necessary information promptly. But also significantly speed up all the processes associated with document flow in schools.

Artur Seletskyy, deputy minister for digital development, expressed his own opinion. "The system will help teachers save time on paperwork, parents will see all information about children's education, provides access to digital content and generally allows organizing distance and blended learning in schools," he said.

It should be noted that the possibility of connecting to the private educational systems is also planned.

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